Event Aerial Photography & Filming

DRoneserv Aerial Photography & Filming for Events & Sports

Drones are providing thrills and new perspectives to events. We can provide a completely different perspective to any event by capturing amazing aerial imagery that create exciting and interactive footage.

Drones are mostly used for capturing action and sporting events that take place in large outdoor spaces such as field games, triathlons, car races, motorcycle racing etc.

Unlike the traditional videography, it’s easier for drones to follow and film the action from different angles and perspectives.

It doesn’t just stop at sporting events. Aerial photography and video by drones is great for all kinds of outdoor events such as expos, festivals, carnivals, shows to name a few as well as for some indoor events if the venue allows it.


Drones are creating entertaining, distinctive, adhesive, sharable and engaging content that will live beyond your event and make sure people want to see it, view it and share it.

Drones lift the image of a brand or event, making it look cutting-edge, trendy and modern. Expensive helicopters can only come down to 200 feet at the lowest however drones comfortably hover at 20 feet and produce image angles previously unavailable.



All our drone aerial photography packages are bespoke to the customer and can include up to nine hours of flight time on site. The flight will occur as soon as possible, dependent on the weather and your preference for faster turnaround time or clear skies. Imagery editing is included in all packages at no extra charge.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements. It's not as expensive as it all sounds;)